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Jordyn Balor is a singer/songwriter, and performer from New York City.

Jordyn began performing as a dancer at the age of nine where he gained a scholarship for the National Dance Institute. Around the age of twelve, Jordyn began playing instruments, writing songs and developing his singing voice in the theatre. Jordyn performed at the legendary PIT comedy club in NYC starring in an off Broadway production.

Looking back to 2015 Jordyn began building an online presence on YouTube. With many of his videos gaining thousands of views, Jordyn was able to capitalize on many opportunities and build his brand whilst collaborating with AXE Body Spray, Lady Gaga and The Hunting Ground, and appearing on a Seventeen Magazine gameshow.

Jordyn has been creating music since 2017 and plans on extending his reign and reach with all future endeavors. From now to forever, This is the reign of the Balor.

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