My musical journey has definitely had many monumental moments, starting exactly when I was in my crib while being 3 months old, I would rhythmically hum or simply sing over and over until my grandmother noticed and told my mother that I would become a singer one day, years pass and I’m 3-4 years old singing along to Britney Spears “Hit me baby one more time” “Oops I did it again” on the radio while in the car seat I actually vividly remember this and this was a core memory for me especially it being my first memory of appreciating music. The pop princess herself was someone I looked up to then and admire now. Later on, as I kept growing I just kept singing songs by Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Beyoncé. I knew that music was something I could only dream of doing.

The second stage of my musical journey was going into band in high school, I started clarinet my freshman year, it took a lot of work and dedication but I managed and powered through, to be the musician I was, I learned some piano theory as well throughout college, being both in wind symphony and jazz ensembles, led to me appreciating music in a way where expression is not just one person led, it’s an ensemble that feels like unison. With all of this, I decided in college to become a high-school band director, this then was changed when I was introduced to psychology and that was the path I decided to take, I now finished my bachelor’s degree in psychology and about halfway through I decided that I should do music! I reached out to a producer online, through a page called SoundBetter and we talked about my journey and ultimately my end goal and where I would like to be. A couple of weeks go by and I fly to Chicago, record my first single “no face” and release it about 5 months after it was recorded. After recording the song I knew that this was my happy place aside from doing band and college. This is exactly what I want to do. I wrote about 8 songs, (with some piano parts) and was just practicing my songwriting skills and creating different rhythms & melodies throughout the songs all in just one month. 

If anyone asks me who is my number 1 inspiration it is going to be Lady Gaga, she is a great example of an artist, musician, who truly cares and owns her craft no matter the stage, no matter who is watching she will always deliver without question and simply do her thing. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind when needed and to fight for what she believes in and that to me is what I feel like music can be as well, especially with her being in the LGBTQ+ community, inspiring LGBTQ+ artists like myself, it is astonishing to see where she has taken herself because she believed in her when no one else did. I have many plans to incorporate social issues in my music, and my battles in hopes to help others in situations they may find relatable because we all have moments in our lives that are great and some are not so great, but both are needed to grow as people and individuals in society. Ultimately as an artist, I want to inspire those from various communities, push boundaries and innovate what music could be aside from what you hear. I hope I could inspire at least one person with my music and I can’t wait to see where I may go.


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