A Los Angeles Native, Roman was discovered at the age of 7 singing The Nanny song from Mary Poppins at a talent show produced by the daughter of acclaimed television producer Jerome Courtland (Loveboat). It was a moment that would define the direction, education, and every decision Roman would make from that point on.

Roman spent the next 4 years studying Opera while secretly/not so secretly listening to Famed LA radio station, KJLH. While appreciating the solid foundation and ability to keep an over 4 Octave vocal range due to the training. Roman new his heart was in the soulful and emotional R&B he was experiencing from his now vocal Idols, Luther Vandross, Shirley Murdock, Stephanie Mills, Prince, and George Michael. And of course, a little later The Queens, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, And Toni Braxton. 

It was the latter that combined with life circumstances requiring Roman to Move to Las Vegas at an incredibly early age that would lead Roman to his other music love, Vocal House music of the 90’s. And lucky for him he fell smack dab in the middle of Two of the most influential musicians: His foster Mama, Bernadette Bascom (first woman signed to Stevie Wonder’s Label), and his dance recording idol, Kristine W.

Roman has teamed up with So Fierce Music and world renown music producer Velvet Code for his debut single, “Price To Pay”, out this summer.


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