Our team of Award-winning Producers, Engineers and Remixers will turn your idea or concept into a hit!  Using state of the art equipment and the most up-to-date technology, our team has produced Billboard, Music Week and RIAA charting hits around the world.


When it comes to Songwriting, discovering a hook that resonates with your audience is the key. We have worked with multi-platinum artists around the world to know when we’ve discovered that magic.


Say hello to affordable high quality and TV Ready video productionBetween overpriced video production companies giants and videographers who demand budget and concept before talking to you, you’ll find us. We’re willing to work with your vision or help you create one!


  1. Our team is made up of producers, DJs and musicians who have over 30 years of experience
  2. Multiple Top 5 charting releases on Billboard, Music Week, DMC and ARIA
  3. Multiple tracks which have been played in clubs and radio stations around the world by the biggest DJs and radio show hosts in the business. Some of our hits have been featured in TV and Film and have generated a strong revenue stream for artists
  4. We only work in projects we believe in. Maintaining our integrity is extremely important to us, so please know that if we are working on your project, you receive our full attention.
  5. We have deep roots in the industry and can connect you to the right people to make an impact on your career

We can design a team of professionals who can cater to your specific needs, led by International Award-winning Producer and Songwriter Velvet Code.

WE love producing radio-ready bangers as well but are more than comfortable working on left-field stuff. We can produce ANY genre – we really love to turn YOUR vision into music. We can:

  • Creating your track from scratch based on your vision, with guidance from industry experts
  • Creating the beat around your lyrics, even if they are just a rough idea recorded on your phone
  • Helping you create lyrics and melody based on your story
  • Remaking/Remixing or enhancing your song’s production
  • Mixing and Mastering (including vocal production)

We’ll provide you with full consultancy on your music career. Our team of experts, some of which have been successful in the music industry for over 30 years, are available to help steer your career in the right direction. As the industry changes, so does our strategy. Let us share that with you.

Your visual content is one of the most important parts of your music career. Using state of the art equipment including 4K cameras, drones and gimbals, we will deliver your video in pristine quality, no matter what your budget is.

So Fierce Music has a team of videographers and directors around the world who can bring your vision to reality. Please reach out to speak to us about your video!

Examples Of Our Work

Examples Of Our Work

Lady Gaga – Sour Candy feat. Blackpink (Velvet Code Remix)

Velvet Code – Teenage Dreamer (Original Mix)

Charlie XcX – Claws (Velvet Code Remix)

Lady Gaga – Stupid Love (Velvet Code Remix)

Sofonda – Thrive (Official Music Video)

Break The Silence (feat. FORD) OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

Teenage Dreamer (Live Quarantine Video)

Contact Us Today To Learn More About
So Fierce Services

Contact Us Today To Learn More About
So Fierce Services

    We’re Here To Help Your Music Career Blast Off!

    We’re Here To Help Your Music Career Blast Off!

    Through Creative Ideas, Hard Work, and Innovation

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