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Sofonda is Toronto’s highest streaming drag recording artist of 2020.

A supreme drag queen, performing for over 20 years, Sofonda has been touted as the hardest working queen in the business. As an actor, Sofonda has had appearances in Film and Television shows Cake, Soldier’s Girl and Queer As Folk. As a resident of Toronto, she has been a host at gay establishments like Woodys, the Drink and El Convento Rico for decades. No stranger to special events, Sofonda has been chosen as TD bank’s pride ambassador for many years in a row. She performs annually at the Toronto Pride PRISM festival, and at circuit parties and dance clubs across the US, Brazil, Malaysia, and Mexico.

Sofonda’s persona has spread around the world. Her puppeteer performance as Destiny’s Child went viral on Facebook, boasting over 1.5 million views all over the world. Her recent Lemonade Tribute video went viral as well with over 250k views, earning Sofonda the title of “Canada’s Viral sensation”, and catching the attention of LOGOTV, NEWNOWNEXT and even Rupaul.

She has also coined the hashtag #queenOfTheHustle, finding innovative ways to perform her craft via live streaming and curb side performances.

Sofonda’s recent single, “Thrive”, produced by So Fierce Music founder Velvet Code took 2020 by storm, garnering over 300,000 streams worldwide.

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