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About Jay Light

Rapper, Songwriter and Producer, Jay Light (formerly known as Music Bear Tony Banks) is a Toronto based, New Yorker who has found fresh musical freedom in the electronic music world. His self-accepted, full-grown bear’s sound infuses melodic, electronic and dance grooves with Hip-Hop flows and R&B stylings, creating a unique style that weaves its way through many genres.

In order to showcase his artistry, Jay Light needed to break free from the established cultural embellishments synonymous with the gay Hip Hop scene. He now has an ever-expanding vision of personal style and artistic evolution in the fashion and music worlds. No longer does Jay feel creatively stifled or the necessity to be anything less than his true and authentic self.

Jay cites Frankie Knuckles, Missy Elliot, Azealia Banks, and Hercules & Love Affair as some of his influences. This comes as no surprise as he states, “I fell in love with house music at a young age and have always been inspired by the mixture of sounds and creativity in all its forms. House music was created by queer people of colour for the enjoyment of all. I want to make sure the electronic music community remembers that.”

Jay Light’s So Fierce Music debut takes place on January 29, 2021 with the release of the catchy, hypnotic “Damn Daddy”.

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