Lady Nova is an intergalactic dazzling diva who burst onto the Toronto drag scene, immediately captivating audiences with her charm and elegance. Every performance feels like a stop on her world tour as she serves LIVE pop and RnB vocals, combined with her professionally trained dance skills. Her aesthetic is a cosmic explosion of inspiration including supermodels and pop stars like Doja Cat, Lady Gaga and Beyoncé. 

Before pursuing drag, Lady Nova studied musical theatre and its elements extensively. This includes classical and contemporary vocal styles, ballet, tap, and jazz among various other dance styles, as well as acting, directing and writing which always end up infusing into her drag. She has also received a certificate in makeup studies where she trained in fashion, beauty, film special effects and prosthetic work. This expansive background indicates that Lady Nova is a true visual and performance artist and ensures that she will ALWAYS put on a production. She also takes pride in the many intersections of her identity, including being Black, non-binary and queer which heavily informs her artistry and activism. 

Lady Nova is a superstar in the making. Her debut single with So Fierce Music is set to be released in the Spring of 2023.


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