Oliver Klozoff has been stealing the hearts of crowds since 2005. He danced his way into becoming the King of several clubs in Durham. A well-loved Northumberland County staple, Oliver is known as much for his performances as his philanthropy. He loves performing at charity events and supporting causes such as hospice, the United Way,and HIVAwareness. 

Helping others find the confidence to feel comfortable in their own skin has always been a priority for Oliver. He firmly believes in loving and embracing WHO you are. 

Oliver has always had a deep-seated love of music. He began playing the piano at 3 years oldand continued to become a classically trained pianist. He plays several instruments and is a singer/songwriter. He has traveled extensively for musical competitions. Music is not the only area that Oliver brings his mind-blowing talent to.

Oliver is excited to be a part of the amazing line up of artists with So Fierce Music. His debut single is in production and slated for release in the Spring 2023.


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