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Toronto’s Ophelia Manson (born Justin Fraser) is a trained dancer from The School of Toronto Dance Theatre, born in Sudbury, Ontario. Ophelia Manson is nothing short of a spit-fire, showcasing dazzling looks and jaw-dropping stunts every single time.

During his studies at The School of Toronto Dance Theatre, he had the opportunity to work with renowned choreographers such as Peggy Baker, Hanna Kiel,
Jasmyn Fyffe, Allen Kaeja, Ryan Lee and Jen Dallas, and recently, he danced for Frog in Hand, performing in the Fringe festival and institu festival.

“I’ve been doing drag for a year and a half. My drag platform allows me to use my contemporary dance training in a more light-hearted but invigorating manner.” stated Ophelia. “I hope to share my love and passion for drag and hopefully inspire queer youth, who grew up in rural and small-minded towns, that the sky’s the limit. Never let the haters stop you from dreaming and conquering your goals!”

Always serving a sinfully sweet edge that fans fall in love with, Ophelia Manson delivers high energy performances day in and day out. The rise of this Drag phoenix is happening!

Velvet Code and Ophelia Manson are currently in the virtual So Fierce Studio working on their first single together, to be released later in the spring of 2021.


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