Queen Sir JET is an American queer pop artist best known for his mixture of masculine bodybuilder looks combined with his effortless matching of feminine costumes and lingerie. The “Sir” in his name is a reference to being “everyone’s knight in shining armor” along with the “JET” being his initials. JET, a former agoraphobic mute, began singing in an attempt to reclaim his voice. It was from there he began not only forming an interest in pursuing a singing career, but also a journey of fitness and interest in the male body itself. As he explains in many of his popular Youtube vlogs, the male body can be adorned with anything that makes one feel beautiful, including clothing originally designed for women. Though going through several stage names, music styles, and images, 

JET finally released his first EP dedicated to his gender fluidity, Shout-out to the Lonely, in 2012. The title track featured an elaborate video directed by Madonna’s former back-up dancer, Carlton Wilburn. After working on it for several years, in 2020 JET released the first Sir JET full length album, Empowered Bottom, which chronicled the emotional and physical journey he went through getting into the adult film business. The video for the title track, directed by Brad Hammer, features JET paying homage to famous gender-fluid singers who embody the spirit of empowerment. In 2022 JET released the single, Alive, produced by Velvet Code, adding the name “Queen” to the beginning of his name in order to reflect a new image and his first release on a label. 

A full Queen Sir JET EP produced by Velvet Code is projected to be released in the summer of 2023.


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