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Introducing Roger Kuhn, a trailblazing Two-Spirit Indigiqueer artist, whose multifaceted talents encompass music, writing, visual art, and advocacy. Roger’s distinctive voice has reverberated far and wide, gracing not only the airwaves of the United States but also earning a prominent spot on Logo’s The Click List.

In 2008, the world bore witness to Roger’s exceptional songwriting prowess when his composition, “What’s Your Name,” was crowned Song of the Year by the esteemed Stonewall Society for the Arts. This accolade was a testament to his remarkable ability to capture hearts and minds with his music.

Roger’s most recent musical endeavor, “Mvto,” is a heartfelt tribute, as the title itself signifies ‘thank you’ in the Muscogee language. This work represents an anthology of his favorite compositions, crafted over the span of two decades, offering a captivating journey through his artistic evolution.

Beyond his musical accomplishments, Roger has become a notable figure in the realm of LGBTQ+ advocacy, with a particular focus on Two-Spirit issues. In 2022, his impactful contributions were celebrated in the Levi’s Pride campaign, underscoring his pivotal role as an activist in promoting awareness and acceptance within the Two-Spirit community.

In essence, Roger Kuhn stands as a beacon of creative expression and advocacy, weaving a compelling narrative through his art and dedication to fostering a more inclusive and diverse world.

Roger’s So Fierce Music debut release “Kaleidoscope” produced by Velvet Code will take place on January 12, with an album on the way.




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