A rising star in Ottawa, Ontario Canada, who takes versatility in drag to an entirely new level. Her video game girl, anime, sci-fi and colourful styles leave the eye intrigued all while delivering a mesmerizing performance. Her relatable quirks and fashionable style have allowed her to amass an impressive following on Tik Tok, along with a rapidly growing lnstagram. Her short videos and pictures on social media inspire many, as she is as much of a role model as she is an entertainer and influencer. As a disabled queer person, she also makes a strong effort to raise awareness about body positivity involving scars, various disabilitie, self love, and overall acts as a beacon of hope for many. Saltina is currently obtaining her Master’s/PhD in Environmental Sustainability at the University of Ottawa. as she is equally academic as she is creative. We cannot wait to see what she does with all her interests, talents, and personality!

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