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Scarlett BoBo is the nightmarish brainchild of Matty Cameron.

One of the Top 3 of Drag Race Canada, and the Executive Producer of Canada’s #1 queer documentary in 2021 Underneath the Empire, Scarlett is a fusion of Hollywood golden era icons and pop vixens of the 21st century. She has wowed audiences across the world with her fancy footwork, flawless face and impeccable charm and charisma.

Experienced in the art of aerial silks, fire swallowing and other circus-like acts. She loves impersonating some of our most cherished celebrities such as Cher, Liza Minnelli, Madonna, Amy Winehouse, Brittney Spears, Lady Gaga and her all-time favourite… P!nk. Not to mention her undying love for all things comics with her multiple cosplay looks such as X-Men’s Rogue, Phoenix and Mystique to her DC favourites; Poison Ivy, Cat Woman and of course, Harley Quinn! Wherever there’s attention, Scarlett craves it and commands it through her spicy mic and hosting skills. She has also produced a solo album, and several single hit songs, delivering glam and punk rock with her sickening vocals. She is a versatile vixen slaying audiences across the United States, Canada and Europe for over 14 years. She’s performed coast to coast, throughout the prairies and into northern Ontario. She enjoys performing in Europe under the majestic lights of Paris, London and Amsterdam making a name for herself amongst her audiences, friends and drag world family.

She is also the founder of Absolut Empires Ball, Canada’s first fully inclusive Drag Competition. In the summer of 2021, Scarlett will also take up the mantel of Rainbow Railroad Ambassador, an organization she has passionately raised over 60k in funding for.

Scarlett prides herself in her continued activism and social outreach and she looks forward to many more years working hard for her community and those who have less of a voice.




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